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I specialize in documenting beautiful and real moments for my clients combined with an unparalleled experience.
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I love the book Start by Jon Acuff. In it he says to do two things when you hear the voice of fear creeping in. First, write it down and then refute it with truth . Second, share your fears with others because if you hold it in no one can tell you that they feel the same way, no one can help you see the lies that fear is telling you, and no one can encourage you. So write these things down, share them, and start the thing you've been wanting to start. You have today, and today is the perfect day to take that first step. #wordsofwisdom

Today\’s Instagram

A month after sully was born my dad drove us from Phoenix to West Virginia, where my husband was in his first semester of dental school. This picture was taken shortly after that. I remember feeling so lonely during those cold winter days. Yes, my husband was there but I still longed for a community of other new moms that we're going through the exact same things as me. I needed someone to tell me I wasn't going crazy and that it was ok to co-sleep…you see I made all of the bedding for Sully's crib and he never slept there. I had high expectations of what life with a new baby was going to be like and while it was beautiful, it wasn't like that picture in my head. I found my people in West Virginia and they were amazing. I just want to encourage moms out there to go out and find other moms in the same stage of life as you. It is so healing. Also, the first baby was the hardest transition for me. Each baby after has been so much smoother. You can do this and you are not alone. #tbt

Today\’s Instagram

I haven't done a before + after in a while and the truth is I let things slide this summer and I'm not even mad about it () but for last two weeks I've been consistent with my workouts, superfood shakes, and meals. And here I am today. I mostly notice that I have a little less cushion around my waist and I'm feeling so much more energized and that is my favorite part. I laugh at myself because I used to roll my eyes at the 21 Day Fix. I thought it wouldn't be as intense as I needed it to be and don't even get me started on shakeology. I never imagined myself drinking it because I was a firm believer in green smoothies. The truth is shakeology has more vitamins, minerals, probitoics, pre-biotics, and antioxidants than my smoothies and my kids go nuts for them too. If you are curious about this amazing program let me know!!! We can do it together!